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Treat Your Pet to Extra Pampering!

Our Grooming tables

Your pet can enjoy some extra pampering during their stay at Surfside Pet Resort and Grooming with our selection of bathing and grooming services. Our gentle, certified groomers use professional equipment to ensure your pet’s safety and comfort. Plus, we offer a selection of specialty shampoos so you can choose the product that best meets the needs of your individual pet.

Bathing and Brushing

Your pet can enjoy a warm, soothing bath and thorough brushing, along with a nail trim, anal gland expression (by request), ear cleaning, and blow dry. For long-haired pets, we also trim the bangs, eyes, sanitary area, and feet.

Grooming and Clipping

We can cut and style your dog’s coat to breed-specific standards or provide your dog with the look you want. We can even polish your dog’s nails! Please ask about special touches like bows, bandanas, and braids. Our professional groomers are always happy to suggest styles and products tailored to your dog’s needs.

Dog bathing & grooming prices* based on size:

Pet Size Bathing & Brushing Grooming & Clipping
Extra small: 3–8 pounds, 6–10 inches $25 and up $38 and up
Small: 9–16 pounds, 11–15 inches $28 and up $45 and up
Medium: 17–30 pounds, 16–20 inches $30 and up $50 and up
Large: 31–75 pounds, 21–30 inches $50 and up $60 and up
Extra Large/Heavy Coat: $65 and up $80 and up

Feline bathing and grooming prices*:

Feline Hair Length Bathing & Brushing Specialty Styles (lion cuts and stripes, etc.)
Short-haired cats: $45 and up $65 and up
Long-haired cats: $55 and up $65 and up
Surfside Pet Resort and Grooming

Helpful Add-Ons

If your pet needs a little something extra, we offer the following services:

  • Nails only — $10–$13
  • De-matting — $13–$33
  • Teeth brushing — $8
  • Extra restraint — $13

Be sure to book your pet’s grooming appointment as part of their stay in our boarding facility. Call us today!

*Prices vary according to animal’s size, coat condition, and temperament.